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July Event is over

Farronox a posted Aug 2, 16

During this event we raise $35 for Help Hope Live and entertained a total of ~6 new viewers who got to hear about the cause!

Everything is on track for our July Event raising money for Help Hope Live! Well, almost everything. We're still waiting on the donation system issue to get ironed out, but we should have what we need by the time the event goes live! 

We hope to see you there! 

- Farronox

This weekend came way to fast for me this month and it has caused me to be quite behind on annoucements and planning. 

This weekend is the last of the month and as such we'll be streaming in support of our Charity of the Month: The National Alliance on Mental Health! 

Heading up the weekend on Saturday at 2pm CDT will be Spiritonfire with a 6 hour Chrono Trigger stream! 

Following that will be Kain Oborin (Lord of the Animu) with Atelier Sophie! 

And Sunday Farronox will be streaming, starting at 10am CDT, with Metroid Prime! This stream will also feature Giveaways!

Join us on the Tiltify Campaign Page to view, donate, and share the stream!

Today is the Day!

Farronox a posted May 28, 16

We'll be going live in about 10 minutes with 24 hours of Minecraft (18 of it on The Fellowship Minecraft Server) in support of The Able Gamers Foundation! 

Join the Shenanigans on the server or View and Donate! 

Either way, we'll see ya there!!!

Welcome to the new and ... well I wouldn't say Improved For Cairne Sake .org Website! 

Now with Forums! 

And just in time, because we have an event starting at 10am Saturday Morning! 

Head to:

We'll see ya there for 24hrs of Minecraft! 

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